Why "You-fic?"

Our site name, You-fic.net, comes from second person stories. These are commonly called you!fic or youfiction. Like those old "choose your own adventure" stories, the reader takes on the role as the main character in the story. Youfiction was at one point a popular genre on the old Quizilla, where readers could be given choices to make and reach different endings by using the old quiz editor there.

We thought it was fun, we thought it was different, and when the new Quizilla made second person work less viable by limiting the characters a writer could use in the quiz editor, we were saddened. There were no sites that offered us an acceptable alternative, so we decided to make our own. We wanted to make a site that wouldn't limit a writer's creativity. A site that wasn't self-absorbed or about making money. A site that embraced both traditional and experimental forms of writing.

So we took the name You-fic, because that's what we want this site to be about. You. Whether you write first or second person, original or fanfiction, a poem or a quiz, it's a endeavor in creative writing and is welcome here.