Platinum Hiro - A Nuzlocke Story [3]
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Published: 2011-10-31 10:21:20
Tags: Platinum, Pokemon, Hiro, Sinnoh, Oreburgh, Roark, Team Galactic, Marcos, Yuki

New friends and old ones wait for Hiro in Oreburgh along with his first Gym battle. But how many Pokemon will he lose to Roark the Rock's Gym challenge?

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
Credit to for the top pic. ^^ Happy Halloween, everyone! =D Also a new chapter of Crystal may possibly be out sometime this week! =O We'll see what happens!
Chapter 5
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[Back @ Route 204]
"Hi, there! Would you like to join us?"
Arty - Male Budew, Natural Cure, Quirky, Likes to relax, Happily eats anything.
[@ Oreburgh Gate]
Arty learned Water Sport!
Chatter evolved into Monferno and learned Mach Punch!
"Here it is…" I breathe, squinting to see in the sudden bright light. "Oreburgh City."
"Hey, Hiro! There you are!" Marcos runs over. "You're slow, as always! But dude, the Gym Leader's tough! Like, seriously serious! Makes me wonder who'd win if he battled my dad…"
"You okay, man?"
"Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm fine! Just got a little distracted." he laughs nervously. "Anyway, the Gym Leader went to the coal mine. If you want to fight him, you'd better go there."
"Okay." I say as he runs away.
[@ Oreburgh Mine]
"ASDFG A GEODUDE! Arty! Use Absorb!" 
"No, it's okay…"
Maria - Female Zubat, Inner Focus, Brave, Very finicky, Likes Spicy food.
"Okay, guys. I know this is the first girl on our team but- SERIOUSLY EDGEWORTH I KNOW YOUR NATURE'S BOLD BUT COME ON."
Bruce - Male Geodude, Sturdy, Gentle, Very finicky, Likes Bitter food.
"Sorry again for stepping on you." I apologize.
"Geo…" It smiles.
"What's that?"
"This is Rock Smash!" A man with maroon hair tells me. "But you need the Oreburgh Gym's badge to use it. So come challenge me at the Gym. I'm the Gym Leader Roark, BTW." He leaves before I can say anything.
"That was weird." I shake my head. "Okay, then! Time for some training after I catch another Pokémon!"
Marx - Male Onix, Sturdy, Timid, Somewhat vain, Likes Sweet food.
"He says he's so sorry."
"I know." I wipe my eyes. "I'm just gonna miss him…"
R.I.P. Max
Lv. 4-11
Your death will not be in vain
"All right, I think we're ready."
"Just bear in mind, Hiro, that Gym Leaders are much stronger than wild Pokémon or regular trainers." Edgeworth warns me.
"I know. I won't go easy on him."
[Epic butt-kickings later]
"All right, Roark, let's fight!"
"Excellent! Let's see how tough you are!"
Arty Vs. Geodude 
"Arty, Mega Drain!"
Winner: Arty
Arty Vs. Onix 
"Mega Drain again!"
Winner: Arty
Arty Vs. Craniados 
"Mega Drain-"
"Craniados, use Headbutt!"
Winner: Craniados
Chatter Vs. Craniados 
"Chatter, Mach Punch!"
Winner: Chatter
"Come on, Arty! You can make it, you can make it!" I plead, running out of the Gym with him in my arms. "Don't do this to me! Not after Max…"
"How is he?" Roark asks, walking into the PokéCenter. 
"He'll be fine… eventually."
"Lucky you got him here when you did."
"Yeah… I had no idea your Craniados was that fast."
"Well, your Budew put up a brilliant fight. Here. You earned this." He puts a badge in my hands.
"Thanks." I smile weakly at him.
"I must warn you that other Gym Leaders are a lot tougher than I am. And far less forgiving."
"I figured as much."
"Good luck."
[@ Route 204]
Ricky - Male Machop, No Guard, Lax, Mischievous, Likes Sour food.
"Say hi to Beethoven for me, will you Bruce?"
[On the way out of Oreburgh]
"Hey, dude!"
"Oh god not this again. What do you want, Marcos?"
"Just to tell you I'm on my way to Eterna!" he boasts. "I'm gonna cream the Gym Leader there, just like I did with Roark!"
"I thought you said-"
"… Okay."
"Anyway see you there, buddy!"
"… Marcos is just getting weirder and weirder."
[@ Jubilife]
"And I thought Marcos was crazy." I mutter as I walk away from Looker. "I mean, who gives some random kid a Pal Pad? 'Keep an eye out for shady grown-ups!' He's one to talk."
"… now give us what we want!" someone yells to my right. 
"What's that?"
"Let's check it out." Edgeworth suggests.
"You bastards!"
"Yuki?!" I run over, kneeling next to where she's hunched over a Pachirisu. 
"They killed Alexander!" Tears are running down her face, but pure rage is swimming in her eyes.
I stand to face them - two men dressed in black and white spacesuits with a gold 'G' on their chests. 
"What do you want, kid?" one of them snorts.
"You're gonna pay for this." I growl, nodding at Chatter. He leaps at the men, who send out their own Pokémon. "Chatter, Mach Punch!" He K.O.s both Pokémon, and the men scowl at me.
"You'll be sorry, kid. This won't be the last you hear of Team Galactic!" one of them yells at me as they run away.
"What the fuck is Team Galactic?!" I shout after them. Shaking my head, I kneel next to Yuki again, putting a hand on her shoulder. "You okay?"
"Does it look like I'm okay?!" she spits, holding her Pokémon close to her chest. "One of my best friends just died."
"I'm sorry." I breathe, my hand slipping from her shoulder.
"No…" She grabs my hand. "It's fine." she says softly. "Please stay."
"… Sure thing."
R.I.P. Alexander
Lv. 3-12
I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you
"I have to get going. The professor needs me back in Sandgem."
"Yeah. See you around." 
Her hand didn't stop touching mine until she was too far away to keep hold. 
"Well, guys, let's go train."
[@ Route 204]
"FUCKING TRAINERS." I groan, leaning against the cliff face. "And now what? I have to go through ANOTHER dark cave?! Fuck this." I grab the cliff face, feeling for a foot hold. 
"Hiro, I don't think that's such a good idea." Edgeworth warns me.
"Yeah, yeah. Look, I'm tired of being ambushed by fucking Zubats. No offence, Maria."
"She says 'none taken'."
"Okay, then! Looks like we're all in agreement. I climb this cliff, and Edgeworth gets off my back."
"Fine. Get yourself killed. I don't care."
"Great! Now I'll just- crap."
"Arty, relax. It's just a bump. I'm sure he'll be fine."
"Oh my god you are such a wimp!"
"Maria, don't be so mean."
When I open my eyes to see who's talking, I find my Pokémon hovering over me with worried looks on their faces.
"Are you okay, Hiro?" My eyes widen when I realize that I'm actually hearing Poké-speak, I can just understand it now.
"Awesome, you're okay!" He grins at me.
"I wouldn't be too sure about that." I mumbled, feeling the growing bump on my head.
"Wait… You understood what I just said?"
"Hence why I think I might have a concussion."
"This is amazing!" Edgeworth exclaims. 
"Yeah, but that's only if I'm not going crazy." I correct him.
"True…" he chuckles.
"If I do have a concussion, then I need to stay awake. Let's go to Route 218 for a bit."
"Okay." they all agree.
Hiro got an Old Rod from a creepy fisherman!
[In Ravaged Path]
Marx learned Rock Smash!
Hilda - Female Magikarp, Swift Swim, Impish, Highly persistent, Likes Sour food.
"All right, let's do some grinding then leave."
Ricky learned Focus Energy!
Hiro was ambushed by a crazy flower lady!
Chatter kicked ass and learned Fury Swipes!
Zelda - Female Shinx, Rivalry, Quirky, Strongly defiant, Happily eats anything.
Regina - Female Starly, Intimidate, Adamant, Somewhat vain, Likes Spicy food.
"You two look just like…" I pulled them both in and hugged them tight. "I'll never let anything bad happen to you two, I promise."
I turned to the two Pokémon I'd be sending back to the PC. "Sorry, Ricky… Marx. You'll get to be on the team again soon."
"Hey, there!"
"Wanna fight us?"
I turn to see two little girls holding Poké Balls. 
"Sure! Come on, Arty, Zelda!"
"No! Not again! I won't lose you, Arty!"
"Sorry, Hiro…"
"Don't say that! You're gonna be okay. I promise…"

Hiro Diamante - The Hero
Starter: Chatter the Chimchar
Marcos Platino - The Hyperactive Best Friend/Rival
Starter: Bubba the Piplup
Yuki Perla - The Bitchy Crush
Starter: Twigs the Turtwig

Starting team: Chatter; Beethoven;  Max; Edgeworth;

Ending Team: Chatter; Zelda; Regina; Arty; Marx; Ricky;

Pokémon: 12 Deaths: 2 Badges: 1

Another death... I'll miss you, Max! Another Bonus Chapter next Monday! ^^
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Chapter 5
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