Author: Rayne
Content Rating: T-16
Published: 2011-08-25 10:13:56


Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
Second Installment of Brianey's Story. Bold text means you're talking in Japanese. Bold Italic text in quotes is where you or someone is talking mentally. Since Hiei can read and talk mentally to people (if not in the anime or manga, then in my fan-fiction he can.) I do not own any of the characters of YYH created by Yoshihiro Togashi. I just own everything else in this story. Don't steal it. I'll kill you. Seriously =)

YYH: (C) Yoshihiro Togashi
This Fanficion: (C) Rayne

Chapter 2
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Kayko's Point of View

"What the hell do you mean? Kayko!" Yusuke shouted; he was confused, upset and extremely angry.  You couldn't understand why. He never acted like this before - never. Especially over a guy. You sat on the edge of his bed and watched as he threw piles of clothing into a large green bag, not bothering to make sure they were at all tidy. You just remained quiet trying to think of a way to explain this, he just kept ranting.
"I can't believe you - You've been away for four months, Kayko, and you suddenly show up again and with a bastard of a boyfriend!" He ripped a draw out the chest and emptied the pile of socks into the bag. You glared.
"How dare you call Yuki a bastard! That's my boyf-"
"Yeah, yeah your Boyfriend.So I've heard- y'know... why the hell are you even in here with me? Get the hell out and leave me alone!"  He grabbed you painfully by the arm and started dragging you to the door. You dug your foot into the floor stubbornly.
"I can't... I don't even want to look at you right now."
"And Koenma... telling me I have to put up with both of you for five months on this damn mission."
"I'm might just go crazy and kill my-"

Whack. You had slapped him. Hard. He had driven you overboard, how could he even say that, kill himself again? After everything that's happened. Your eyes welled up, tears threatening to spill but your voice remained icy cold and steady as you spoke to him.

"Don't say that. You know how it's been. You don't even bother to keep in contact with me, how am I suppose to know what you are doing? How you feel? Yuki has been a good friend to me ...I didn't ask for him to ask me out - it just happened and you whining like a spoiled child because you haven't gotten your way is not changing anything. I'm glad he's my boyfriend. He treats me far better than you ever have!"  
"Just get out." He whispered poisonously. His face was still turned to the side; the red hand mark you had created from the impact of the slap was glowing on his cheek. Slowly you walked the rest of the way to the door and opened it, and turned to look at him.
"Grow up," you said, before slamming the door to his room and scampering off, tears spilling down your face.

 Yusuke's Point of View

Who the hell does she think she is, slapping me. . .
You thought glaring at the door. The draw  was still in your hand. You were just so angry at everything right now that you wanted to hit something. Shouting in rage you threw the draw full force at the door, denting it and smashing the draw into splintered bits of wood.

"I hate this!" You shouted kicking the bed, you sat on it panting. Kurama came in looking cautious, he sat next to you.
"Yusuke, are you alright?" He enquired, you grunted.
"I'm just fucking peachy Kurama... just fucking peachy." You muttered getting up and cramming everything else into your green bag, you zipped it up and slung it over your shoulder. Looking at him, your cheek still stinging you sighed. "I'm just mad at everything... just... drop it I don't really care - nothings ever good in this world." You mumbled somewhat calmly. He nodded at you in understanding and followed you out of the room and down the hall to Koenma's room, where everyone else had gathered. You dumped your bag on the floor next to your feet. Koenma was staring around into the tense silence, mainly at Kayko, you and Hiei.

"Please... try to sort things out - I don't want this mission to fail due to awkwardness between you. The moving van is already at the house, it's right next to the girl's you're looking after - it was lucky their neighbours were moving." He trailed off. Rolling your eyes you gave a sharp cough which brought him back.
"Sorry. Yes... as I was saying... Here is the address, you are in the same classes as Miss Walker - lucky for you she takes Japanese." He handed you the address of your new 'home' and Botan, the ever perky grim reaper, summoned a portal.
"Good luck," he said to you all, as Kayko and Yuki disappeared, you glared at the backs of their heads.
Least this girl speaks our language... would have been hell trying to talk to her and get by otherwise. You thought as you stooped and grabbed the bag, Kurama followed after Kuwabara and Hiei leaving you the last one through. You turned to Botan and sighed.
"Just try not to screw everything up?" She says cheerily, to which you glared sourly. You stormed into the portal; your feet leave the ground momentarily before they touched down again on soft, green grass.

"It's afternoon over here? Weird... and it's all rural, too." Kuwabara was looking around his hands held onto Eikitchi who was sleeping soundly. You grunted.
"I believe we are in what they call the 'back garden'." Kurama stated looking at the nicely cut grass and the rose bushes lining the dark mahogany fence. You looked around, too taking everything in.
The garden to the house was nicely kept. With lots of wide open space, roughly half the size of the training room you had in the castle. Red, white and pink roses lined one side of the fence, to the left of the garden, while a large sycamore tree stood proudly to the other side, it's branches reaching out over to the house next to you - close to a window.
"You have your very own tree Hiei," you stated while looking to the house. It wasn't that bad, it looked to be a six-bed roomed home, with orange-red bricks, and double-glazed windows. There was a satellite dish, protruding on the side and a porch leading out onto the garden.
"Shall we go and put everything inside then?" Kayko asked quietly. You looked coldly at her, but nodded all the same.
"Yeah. I got the key... we can... find a place to copy them I suppose." You muttered moving to the house, the others following in your wake. You found the back door key Koenma had attached to the slip of paper and removed it, putting it in the door. Pushing the door open you went to explore.
"Everything's freaking white!" You exclaimed looking at the walls, appalled.  Awww nuts! I hate white! You thought cussing it.

"We can paint, detective." Hiei grunted moving by you and opening a door, he went through and thudding followed him, which suggested he had found the stairs. You followed him and went up the steps; you could hear the others talking down stairs with lots of echoing sounds as they moved. You opened the doors looking around and stopped in one.
"This is my room." you stated as you put your bag down and went to the window. It was at the front of the house and over looked the street. The window sill was normal sized and there was an en-suit. (A-joining bathroom ^_^)
"Good choice... though mine was better."

You turned around, seeing Hiei looking at the room, bored. You perked a brow at him, grinning slightly. He stopped inspecting the room to quirk a brow at you.
"What are you grinning at, baka?" He asked, though it's not hostile - like this morning.
"Nothing... you seem to be back to normal." You tell him, he sighed and came next to you, looking out the window.
"I found out about this mission last night. I did not want to upset any of you baka's so I didn't tell you. Though I am still not pleased with us having to move. This girl seems more trouble than she is worth."
You stared at him for a moment. "You just spoken to me more than you have in the entire time I've know you- ...are you going soft?" You joked to him. You were starting to feel slightly better, what confused you was the fact that it was Hiei that was doing it. He looked to you and glared slightly.
"I was informing you of something - don't think it means were 'buddies' it won't be happening again." He glanced once more out the window before turning on his heal and disappearing out the room, no doubt to his own. You shook your head, chuckling.
"Urameshi! We need the key for the front door! So we can get the other stuff in!" Kuwabara shouted up the stairs.
"Yeah I'm comin," you shouted back quickly running down the stairs. "Here," you open the door for them, seeing a huge white van parked outside, they follow you out to it and opening the back you started to empty things out.

To Brianey/ Your Point of View

You panted slightly as you thrust your leg forward, the skateboard picked up speed and your black and white streaked hair whipped behind you. Grinning to yourself you put both feet onto the board and weave in and out of people on the pavement. You were in a hurry to get home - your dad had told you to come home straight after your studies had finished, and luckily you had caught the 2.05 pm train to Ashbourne. You didn't know why but it sounded like something good was going on. Urging the board forward more, you jumped off it and sprinted quickly the rest of the way down the street, glancing curiously at the white van outside number 12, the house next to yours.

Ey up, someone's brought the 'ouse next door. You thought as you got closer. You saw four figures removing furniture and other items out the van but ignored it as your elder brother, Daniel, opened the door with a huge grin on his face.
"Hurry up ya slow poke!" He teased as you panted; you glared playfully at him and grabbed your board running quicker toward him.
"Ah, shat ya mouth, ya damn retard!" You retorted. He just started laughing, you saw the people moving in look at you but you ignored it and kept your grey eyes on your brother. Your dad appeared next to him.

"Hurry up, Bri or I may decide you can't have it." He was smiling at you, his aubergine hair blew slightly, you finally stopped running as you reached the end of the drive, you had a suspicious but happy frown upon your face. They both came out of the door way to your four bed-roomed house and walked to the garage door.  Following them you put your skateboard down and pull your grey fingerless gloves up a bit more.
"Since it was your birthday not long ago, and we didn't get you anything- cos... well."
"Go on say it... I was being an arse." You admitted, they both nodded.
"Well... we all chipped in and got you this." Your dad moved out the way of the now open garage door and your eyes widen. You go over to the silver moped. Your mouth was open in surprise.  They got me the moped I wanted. Holy shit!

"You brought me the moped! Jesus Christ... Thank you!" You almost shouted, they nodded and handed you a silver helmet.
"Try it out, sis!" Your brother goaded, grinning. You quickly nodded and got on; sticking the helmet on you started it, revving the engine. The machine leapt into life, flying out the garage. It worked like a dream.
"This thing rocks!" You shouted, voice muffled due to the helmet. Racing down the street and back up. However you had to put the break on quickly.
One of the new people, you had seen as you had ran to your house had dropped a case of books, they were stooped in the road, picking them up and looked up startled as you came roaring toward them. Breaking fast you closed your eyes and jolted as the bike came to a sharp, sudden, halt.  Shit I didn't hit them did I? You panicked.
"Baka!" you heard some one say, you instantly opened your eyes to see a short, spiky hair boy glaring at you, while the one you had almost hit was still on the floor, paralysed. They're Japanese. Baka means fool You thought, you quickly took the helmet off.

"Sorry, I didn't see until I was too close!"
"Then use your eyes, you fool. You could have killed him!"
"Excuse me, but he shouldn't be in the damn road! Maybe if you stick to the stupid pavement!"

The boy glared dangerously at you, though he seemed surprised you could talk his language so fluently. Glaring back you notice the other boy rise, slightly shaken. He looked to you smiling warily. You blinked taking in his appearance. He... looks like a girl. You thought, scanning over his long red hair, emerald eyes and flawless creamy complexion. He bowed to you slowly, but addresses the other first.

"Hiei calm yourself - I am unharmed."

The short boy gave an annoyed grunt, he was still glaring at you, dirtily. You repaid the favour with your own death glare. Who they hell do you think you are short stuff... you ain't nothing special.

"Watch your back onna... I am not pleased."
You blinked. What the hell was that?

"It wasn't your fault. I shouldn't have driven like that. My name's Brianey. I live next door. Let me help ya with that." You quickly got off the bike and began picking up the fallen books.

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Chapter 2
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