Fan Fiction One-Shot Index
Author: HatedLove6
Content Rating: GA
Published: 2016-11-06 12:04:04
Tags: fan fiction, index, one-shot, yu yu hakusho, yyh, ouran high school host club, ohshc, yugioh, ygo, demon diary

This is a comprehensive index of one-shots I've written for fan fiction of various fandoms so far.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
Each of these one-shots have their own disclaimer. Do not post my stories anywhere.
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These stories are CanonxOC romance pairings, and I don't take requests.  There is only one CanonxReader one-shot, but I'm not going to write any more of them because I don't enjoy it.  These one-shots will be in order of fandom, pairing, and title.  If a one-shot is a sequel to another one-shot, it will be right under the first in the series.

Demon Diary EclipsexOC I Forgot Again2,460A demon messanger goes to Lord Raenaf V's realm to deliver a message, but may receive a couple of unexpected things in return including a short run of a complete misunderstanding. Mistaken for being a human sex slave for one, but Eclipse's?
Ouran High School Host Club KyoyaxOC Cheater!11,660K. O.: If I win, I get the easel, and you‘ll be my slave until I graduate college.

o02o22o10o: And if you give up, my identity, for as far as you got, remains unknown. Deal?

K. O.: Let the game begin.
Ouran High School Host Club KyoyaxReader Cheater!10,780All you wanted was that easel. Then some jerk tried to show off with his money, and you decided to teach him a lesson. Unfortunately, that "some jerk" turned out to be Kyoya Otori. How are you going to get out of this game unscathed?
Yu-Gi-Oh! YugixOC Crushing From a Height3,200Georgia is helping their class get ready for a dance up and coming, hoping to be able to talk to Yugi, her crush, more. Unfortunately, she's having some problems working with the gang. Requested YugixOC. Songfic-ish, I guess.
Yu Yu Hakusho ShuichixOC Laugh it Off7,080The gang gets roped into performing a play based on The Nightmare Before Christmas. Yusuke, Keiko, and Kuwabara are Lock, Shock, and Barrel; Koenma is mayor, Botan is Zero, and you're going to have to read to see who Shuiichi plays.
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