Author: SalyaDarken
Content Rating: T-16
Published: 2014-07-01 02:42:27
Tags: Final Fantasy 7, FF7AC, Yazoo, Kadaj, Cloud

He's a clone of Sephiroth. She's a girl that was sortof raised by Sephiroth. He fights Cloud. She lives with Cloud. He dead once but 'Mother' sent him back with one of his brothers. She works with Tifa and helps Leena.
Two different kind of people... pulled together by one person?
What with happen with those two ?

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
This is one of my first FF7 fanfics... I'm moving it from Mibba. So I'll need to update this a later time.
Disclaimer: I don't own Final Fantasy 7 nor it's characters... if only. Anywho, I only own my ocs and the plot bunny. Any other ocs that appears in the story that isn't mine, I don't own. ... -thinks- I think that was all.
Chapter 1
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She sat in the dark room that was her given room that Hojo put her in. She hugged onto her legs as she prayed for someone to save her. Her long black hair was messy and her blue eyes were dark. She had wraps on her arms from all the blood and things that Hojo slid into her blood. She wanted out of the hell that he left her in.
~end of flashback~

"Alex, this isn't funny." said Leena as she glared lightly at the young girl. Leena was 23 year old lady that was always at 7Heaven, either glaring at Tifa who glared back or cleaning her weapons. She had long black hair and blue eyes. She always wore outfits that were close to what Cloud would wear. That day, she was dressed in a simple black shirt, jeans and her boots.
"Now Len, She's only playing." said Linya also called Lina. She was only 19 and was always doing something to pissed of Leena who she called Sister. She had long brown hair and red eyes that was close to Vincent's red eyes. She always wore dresses but that day she wore a mini skirt, black shirt that showed her breast a bit and boots.
"Lina, Go find Kadaj and bug him." Leena muttered as she went back to cleaning her sword that looked a lot like Cloud's but a bit smaller.
Linya rolled her eyes and sighed. "Yes, Sister. Say hi to Vincent if he shows up today." With that. she walked out of the bar.
Alexis sighed and went back to braiding Leena's hair. She was dressed in a mini skirt, long sleeve midnight blue shirt with her long black hair down to her lower back, a few locks wore over her shoulders. She was only 18 but acted younger at times and older when needed. Oddly, she had feelings for Yazoo, knowing that he was just a clone of Sephiroth.
Leena didn't look up but Alexis looked over as Cloud walked into the bar. She then stopped playing and ran over to the blond.
"Welcome Back, Cloud!" She said, smiling up at him.
He looked down at her and lightly smiled. "Thanks, Alex." He then sighed lightly. "Someone is outside for you." With then he sat near Leena who flinched lightly and Tifa glared.
Alexis smiled and ran outside, only to stop and blink. What got her to stop was the fact, Kadaj was on the ground with Linya on him as well as hugging him. She then stood her head and ran to the long silver hair clone that sat on his bike, watching his brother flinch.
He turned his head just as Alexis got to his bike. "Hel-" he was stopped by her arms around his neck. He wasn't used to what she called hugs but he did wrap his arms around her small body.
She smiled at him. "Heya, Yazoo. How did training go?"
It's been two months after Aerith sent Kadaj and Yazoo back. Leena said that her friend was trying to piss her off since Kadaj and Leena didn't really like each out. Alexis thought it was because Kadaj could turn into Sephiroth but yet she didn't really know. She was just glad that Yazoo was back and the fighting was gone.
"It... was... alright." Yazoo replied softly, looking back at Kadaj. It was like he didn't understand why his brother didn't just kill the girl and get it over with.
Alexis tilted her head then sighed. She then looked over at Kadaj. "Kadaj, why don't you just kill Lina?"
Not only did Yazoo look back at her but Linya and Kadaj glared over at her.
"Because what's the point? Lina would just come back and beat me up after Mother sends her back." Kadaj said, sitting up.
Linya who stayed on him, glared. "If you would even cut me Kadaj, I would hurt you then. Plus no sex for a week, just for saying that."
Yazoo stayed silent as he looked at her, wondering if she was up to something or not. He then blushed lightly as she got out of his arms only to get on his bike, in front of him. "Alex.."
She leaned back against his chest and smiled up at him. "What? You wanted to know right?"
He shook his head and closed his eyes. That was it. He just didn't understand this girl.
She giggled lightly. 'Yazoo is a lot Sephiroth before he disappeared.' She thought. She then felt a blushline appear across her cheeks as she felt his arms wrap tightly around her and his chin on her head.

~end for now.~

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Chapter 1
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