Chapter 1 School
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This is a story I started on wattpad,so if you find it there it is mine my account is Zivixloves. This is about Orochimaru's experiment, his daughter brought back to life, falling in love with Itachi.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
Original Naruto characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto. I am not trying to copy anything here. My characters and storyline belong to me.This is a story I started on wattpad,so if you find it there it is mine my account is Zivixloves.
Chapter 1
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I can bite through a finger like carrot. Well anyone can, but I don't have the natural human reflex that stops me. I can eat a human. I'm not a cannibal, or at least that's not what most people would call me, for some reason. Is it because I don't have a human soul? That's what I'm told at least. I'm empty. I'm also dead. I remember how I died too. I was stabbed to death. At the time I had though that it sucked. I had thought it hurt, but what I don't remember is pain so I don't really know if it really did suck. I don't remember the opposite of pain. I don't even know if that had a name. I'm a successful experiment in someways, and unsuccessful in others. The experiment success includes:

  1. I am responsive.

  2. I can remember things, including from being alive.

  3. I've never disobeyed an order.

The experiment unsuccessful qualities are:

  1. I can not feel physical pain.

  2. My body can be easily took apart.

  3. If I am fed anything (including human meat) I will eat it.

That's what my reviver says at least.

My reviver is named Orochimaru.

He's a scientist.

From my memories I remember that he is my father. He killed me the day I turned 14, on the third of January. That was three years ago. I can age. My father has to replace the the metal bars, and wires that keep parts of my body together as my body grew. I don't know if my father considers this a success or not. Now that some time has passed he wants to introduce me to society. He can't introduce me normally of course. My body has to nearly be covered. The scars can be disguised, but where my limbs are attached, with the metal and wires, my body has to be covered.

The way I act is also not normal considering human behavior, so I'm being introduced through an insane asylum. This although is not a normal insane asylum, it is a school for the mentally ill, it's very expensive, so it is basically where rich families try to fix their insane children with education.

[Orochimaru] Ready to go Ai?

I double checked the mirror, I had my long black hair braided down my back which reached the middle of my back with its length. Messy bangs covered most of my face, I could see out of one eye though which was enough. It was gray, like I was still dead. I wore a black turtle neck and a long black skirt down to my ankles. I didn't wear anything underneath my sweater, for one thing I won't feel any heat or cold, and second my body must stay covered. Underneath my skirt I wore leggings, and long socks underneath that. I had simple black school girl shoes. Luckily there is no dress code requirement for this school other than no chains for pulling and things like that.

Everything checked okay.

[Me] Is my name Ai now?

I asked this because when I was alive my name was Rin. I hadn't received a new name before.

[Orochimaru] Yes, and your surname is Kurosawa, so keep that in mind.

He smirked. I assume at the name he gave me. I nodded slinging a shoulder bag over my arm.


The school was located in a large square building. The bricks were a dull red color, and the area around the school was gated off. As we neared the gate there was an elegant sign on it, which was inlaid with gold, written in pearly white letters on a block of obsidian.


St. Wolfe's School

For the clinically disturbed.


Nervous people can be shy, so I took on that appearance, walking behind Orochimaru and keeping my head down as he approached the gate. The was a speaker at the gate, with a silver button. Orochimaru pressed it and spoke.

[Orochimaru] Good evening, this is Mr. Kurosawa here with my daughter on her first day of school.

A shrill woman's voice replied.

[Speaker] Ah! Yes I remember, I shall open the gates for you.

The gates clicked and swung inward as Orochimaru and began onward. We walked on a path of pebbles. Grass grew around, and a lone tree grew to my left. We stepped onto a porch, painted the dull brick red color. There were clear double doors, lined in black. They were automatic and slid open, but could be pushed open in emergency. Orochimaru took left right inside the building as I followed. There was no door here, and this area had a greyish blue carpet. To the right and left were a couple of couches. There was a black roped of section, for forming a line, and near the wall was a black desk that fit neatly leaving inches for both walls on the side. On the desk lay absolutely nothing except a name tag saying 'Fukui Nana' in gold letters, a few neatly arranged papers in the center and a black pen. Behind the desk sat a woman. She had a lot of gray hair, but a younger looking face, so it was obvious it came from stress. It was neatly placed in a bun, not one loose hair. She wore the apparent school color, that dull brick red, as a sweater over a pencil skirt. Her eyes were a bright blue.

She looked up and smiled a smile full of teeth.

[Nana] Orochimaru, welcome, and is this your daughter? She is very quite pretty. I have a few last papers that I need you to sign.

Orochimaru was a better actor.

[Orochimaru] *Smiles warmly* Thank you, I just can't seem to get that hair out of her pretty face. She will feel.. normal.. here correct?

He asked this as he took the pen and papers.

[Nana] Yes of course, we are well known for that here, how normal our students feel, some have stopped need to be treated at their regular hospitals, education can really help. *Smiles, again all teeth*

[Orochimaru] You hear that Ai? Try your best here okay?

I bet my finger gently, something I've seen nervous people do, and nodded my head. Orochimaru finished the papers and handed them back. Nana scanned them over and pressed a button beneath her desk.

[Nana] The new student is here.

There was no response but after a minute or two, the door behind Nana clicked open and in walked a larger looking man. He was dressed nice, in a black suit, but he still had a similar appearance to a bouncer.

[Nana] Her class room is Ground Room 018A.

He nodded. He flipped open a square top of the desk the was apparently on hinges, and pushed open the bottom part that was also apparently on hinges. Both those part were concealed, it was a very unique design. Orochimaru took interest immediately.

[Orochimaru] I've never seen a desk like that...

Nana actually responded truthfully.

[Nana] Yes, it was specially designed for me..

I left with the man as they spoke about her desk.


He took me back in the hall. I took note of more detail.

Tiled floor, white, white walls, no pictures. It was like being in a hospital, they even had those large reflecting mirrors before corners, so people didn't run into each other.

The man led me straight down the hall and too the left. There was an elevator, and to the right a door which had a sign above it reading 'STAIRS'.

[Currently Unnamed Man] We will be using the elevator, but unless it is an emergency please refrain from using the elevator, use the stairs.

I didn't respond, I tried to be shy and silent. He didn't really notice. He was probably used to any kind of response. We stepped in and he pushed the G button for ground. It began to move, very slowly for an elevator. After a few minutes we reached ground level and the doors opened.

The room continued the same appearance. White, like a hospital, even the doors were only noticeably doors, because each door had a slim rectangular window above a silver handle door knob. On the left classes read with numbers, then B, on the right classes read with numbers then A. We walked down the hall and took a right. Now the classes on the left read a number then D, while the right still had A. After a while of walking we reached the class room 018A.

The man put in a key card through the side of the handle. A dull beep noise seemed to go off in the room. After a moment, a green light flashed on the handle and the man opened the door. Inside it was generally normal.

This was a class of students that were probably people who could have a normal life if they took medication.

I walked in without the man, he seemed to only be there to guide me to the room. When the teacher nodded the man left, doing the same thing with card, but not waiting for a green light. A dull beeping sound did go off inside the classroom again.

The teacher was a tall man with a beard. He was wearing scrubs like a doctor. All white like the room and the tiles. The desks however were black. The students mostly wore black and red. It didn't seem like it was for the sake of school colors, it was just mostly there style.

The teacher walked to me.

[Teacher] My name is Mr. Yamada. Please take a seat.

There were no introductions here.

Only one desk was open. I was in the back right corner, next to a guy with longish black hair tied up in a low pony tail, behind a guy with red hair playing with a puppet. I took my seat setting down my bag.

[Mr. Yamada] Now that everyone is seated today we will start with math..

Mr. Yamada went over basic algebra. I was really easy for me, Orochimaru had things taught to me back at home, to see how well my memory held up. My memory exceeds most people's because I don't think about “feelings”. Or at least that is what he figured. Although basic algebra seemed too easy, this class had mostly people that look the same age so I assumed they were all around 17, and they all seemed to have an easy grasp of it.

Yamada wrote on the board:

6x + 9 = 10

He wrote in a child like script that was easy too read.

[Mr. Yamada] Itachi, please come to the board and solve the equation.

The so called Itachi opened his eyes. It was the black haired guy sitting next to me. He looked the teacher straight faced.

[Itachi] No.

[Mr. Yamada] Alright then, Kisame?

A kid with spiked up blue hair and blue skin, sitting in front of Itachi frowned.

[Kisame] Why do I always have to do it if Itachi says no?

[Mr. Yamada] Because I said so- and stop drinking silver! Do you want her skin to stay blue forever?

Kisame slammed a vial he had been sipping as the teacher spoke back on to his desk. It was small but I know he must have many more to have reached blue skin. Something I learned from Kabuto on the rare occasions he spoke to me.

Kisame walked to the board and started the problem, subtracting nine to both sides, then dividing by six on both sides. X equaled one over six. Easy.

A high pitch beep sounded.

[Mr. Yamada] Alright time for break..

He sighed and waited by his desk before some one came in, using the card key. Yamada pushed a button before the man came in. It was the same man as earlier. Yamada left us with the man who sat at the desk watching.

All the students began to chat amongst themselves. Next to me, the red head, Kisame and Itachi pushed their desks together and began to talk amongst themselves.

Or at least Kisame and the red head. Itachi stared at me. I tried to think of what a nervous person might do, but by the time I thought of something, it seemed too late, he walked over to me.

[Itachi] What's your name?

Something strange happened. I couldn't understand it. The sound of his voice carried something. That something made a click. I looked at him. He was staring at me waiting for an answer.

[Me] Kurosawa Ai.

[Itachi] Why are you here?

I never questioned why my father wanted me here, it was obvious, I wouldn't fit in a normal situation, once I started to make “friends” and hold conversations with them it would be obvious, my responsiveness is robotic Orochimaru said. I sometimes would repeat things that didn't quite sound right, like greetings, or responses to situations. I never thought I'd have to think about it and he's staring at me. Things are clicking. Something is wrong. I stood up.

[Me].. I do not f-f... feel well..

I've never after my death said the word feel about myself. It felt odd in my mouth. Itachi looked at me questionably.

[Itachi] I don't know if you've noticed but none of us are well here, do you mean your sick?

I nodded. I never gotten sick before. Orochimaru assumed it was possible, but kept me away from things like ailments while I was still recently dead. So this must be sick. It has to be. I saw the man walk up to me.

[Man] Do you need to go home?

I thought about it.

This feeling was not something I wanted to have, and it might distract me while I'm here, but Orochimaru's experiment is to see what happens to me in more social environments, by the end of the day I'd give a full report and he'd run tests. If I really was sick he probably could rid me of the ailment fast but.. does he want me to understand uncomfortableness?

This feeling.

[Man] Mam?

[Me] ..If you can tell my father I am not well, but that he doesn't need to pick me up yet. I w-.. want to stay on my first day of school.

Want is hard word for me too. I don't want anything.

Or I used to, now I don't want this feeling. The man looked at me worriedly but shrugged his shoulders returning to the desk and pushing a button.

[Man] Nana, the new kid doesn't feel well, she doesn't want to go home, but to contact her father.

There wasn't a response until a little while later.

[Nana from speaker] Orochimaru says he is heading over anyways, when Mr. Yamada comes back from break, send her up.

I frowned. That felt really weird, but natural. I didn't want to leave.

[Me] {I don't understand, I don't like the feeling from here, but I want to stay here..}

Itachi looked at me.

[Itachi] Let's talk when you come back.

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