Silent Hill: Chapter 3
Author: japancat
Content Rating: T-16
Published: 2012-07-20 00:54:55
Tags: Yu Yu Hakusho, Kurama, Hiei, Mukuro, Kuronue

Kurama meet Kuronue.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
The start of this one was based on a youtube AMV called "Kurama in Silent Hill." It was actually what inspired me to write this. You can find it. I dunno if I can post the url here. I don't ever explain Hiei's eyes.
Chapter 3
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Fog. He was circled with fog. He woke up and jumped to his feet. He walked by a building and-by god!-the walls of it were bleeding. Kurama started to run and he reached an elevator. He jammed a finger on the button going down and there he waited. Once he reached the bottom of the elevator he left and ran out into the fog. There he was greeted with a sickle coming right at him. Kurama dodged it with a back flip. Another! Another back flip. A third! A third back flip but this time this one grazed his stomach. Kurama kneeled clutching the wound.

A figure was spit out from the fog. Kurama couldn't get a clear view of him but he heard his voice through the silence. "My name is Kuronue. Welcome to Silent Hill. Killer."

"Killer?" Kurama stepped back. "Are you talking to me? Wait, I'm the only other one here... I'm no killer!"

"Yes you are, don't you remember? Or do you not want to remember?" He laughed and walked closer to Kurama in the fog. Kurama could see his demonic form. Black clothing. Black eyes. Pointed ears. Black wings.

"What are you?"

"You're a killer. What am I?"

Well, he isn't human. Whatever this thing is... "I don't know..."

"You do because after all..."

Someone stood by Kurama and picked up one of the dropped sickles. Kurama stared at him but then...


Kurama's eyes shot open. The first thing he saw was the man-somewhere in his early twenties-from his dream. He had spiked black hair with an outburst of white in the front. What Kurama really noticed was the eyes. Cold red eyes.

The man looked concerned at least. That meant he must be a good enough guy. "Hey, I heard you scream when I was on my way back to my car. Normally I'd ask what happened and if you were alright but considering the circumstances..."

"I can't fully explain it myself. Something weird came after me just now. It had black skin like something burnt and these golden eyes and it made this gross gargling noise."

"I've been down this street. I saw them and ran out of bullets on them. Bastards." He helped Kurama to his feet. "Glad to see a HUMAN here. Another anyway."

"There was another person here?"

"Yeah some girl... Psycho bitch." Then it occurred to him that she took the picture of Yukina. He shook his head at the thought of the woman. "She called herself Mukuro or something like that. But screw her. I'm looking for my sister. She's about this tall... Wait... You said you only saw me."

"Yeah. That Mukuro came in?"

"You know her?"

"She introduced herself to me outside of town. I don't know why she did. She just did. But no, I don't know her. I wish I did now." He suddenly stopped and looked around. "Where did I put the...?"

"The map? I have it." Hiei took it out of his pocket and unfolded it. He pointed to the edge of Nathan Avenue. "My car crashed there."

"You drove in? Why? And where did you come in from?"

"I was driving. I took the nearest exit without looking and I guess I fell asleep for a while and I crashed. When I woke up, my sister was gone so I've been looking for her. How'd you get here?"

"I drove here then I walked in. I'm looking for my mother. She disappeared in a hospital earlier and left this message saying something like I'm going to Silent Hill. So I came here to find her. I haven't had much luck though."

"And you're going to an apartment why...?"

"I didn't write that there. It was like that when I found it."

"Okay but that doesn't answer my question. Shouldn't you be going to the hospital for that?"

"Something tells me she won't be there. I'm Kurama by the way."

"Hiei. Just... Hiei."

"Well let's find your car first and then we'll figure it all out from there. You're looking for your sister. She might be in the apartment. Let's look together."

"I won't argue with you. I need someone to help kill those things. You got a weapon?"

Kurama held up the knife. "Right here."

"Good. We'll need that. Let's go." Kurama followed the smaller man down the street.

"Your eyes are red. How did that happen?"

"Birth defect. My mother was an alcoholic. I think that's what happened anyway. I can't really say."

Kurama fell silent. They reached the fire station and Kurama noticed there was police tape over it. Did someone see the dog or the man?

"What?" Hiei noticed Kurama's stop.

"That tape there... It... Wasn't there before I wonder why and how..."

The two continued on until they reached the car. Hiei jumped right in it and twisted the key but it didn't turn on. He growled and kicked it. "Damn thing. Wire it."


"Wire it."

"I can barely drive, Hiei. I barely got my permit in October. I'm only fifteen."

"So we'll have to walk."

"I don't mind, do you?"

"Not really but I figured if we drived-"

"Drove. You mean drove."

"-drove Yukina would see the car and come in. I need to find her. We were supposed to meet our mother in the hospital. We go there every month."

"Your mother?"

"I bet she just thought we were in town and she ran out to find an ambulance because she felt the crash and thought I was in another accident." He put a hand on the bandana covering his forehead. "She must be worried."

"So you're really close."

"Don't push your luck Kurama." Hiei growled and stepped out of the car. "So let's walk to the Woodside Apartment."

They walked together in silence. Kurama opened his mouth to say something to Hiei but he closed it once he thought it over. Hiei saw this in the corner of his eye.



"What? You were going to say something. Say it or I'll beat it out of you."

"Okay! Well I noticed the tattoo on your arm. I've never seen it before. I wanted to ask what it meant. But I never asked because you might get mad." Kurama opened the gate in front of the apartment and they walked to the porch. "...Unless you want to tell me."

"No it's a long story." They walked into the apartment. "Damn it's dark in here." He reached in his pocket and pulled out a lighter. He flicked it on. "Up the stairs I guess."

They went up the stairs and heard a woman scream. The two followed the scream into room 302. There they saw Mukuro kicking something that looked like a person struggling under the flesh covers of a flat bed. She stabbed what looked like the head with a pole and it fell to the ground. She kicked the dead creature several times before she realized Kurama and Hiei were there. She stopped and smiled at them and turned on her flashlight.

"Kurama and... No name!" she greeted the two.

"Mukuro?" Kurama gasped raising an eyebrow. Hiei turned off the lighter. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh just searching. I'm looking for my mother. I dunno where to find her. I guess we're on the same plane now, eh, Kurama? And you..." She took Yukina's picture out of her pocket and held it to Hiei's face. "I'm giving that back. I never found her. Too bad that's she's lost without a weapon. With this asshole..." She kicked the creature again. " It will get dangerous. And it's a shame. She has such a pretty face.. And your mother's in trouble since I know she's in the same situation. The damned man..." She kicked the creature.

"Man? All I see is some weird ass monster. You must be seeing things," Hiei replied.

"Don't you...? Oh. Never mind." Mukuro looked away. "It's getting darker. It's passed sunset you know. How about we rest?"

"No." Hiei crossed his arms.

"I could use a quick break after all that running..." Kurama said matter of factly.

Hiei groaned. "Fine. Have it your way. I'll stay too since I don't trust Mukuro watching you sleep."

"Sure thing, Hiei." Kurama laid down in the corner.

Through the little light the flashlight gave him, Hiei saw Mukuro smirk. "Hiei's your name? Welcome to the jungle."

"Piss off."

Mukuro shrugged and turned out the light.

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Chapter 3
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