Doubt~ Chapter 20: Score One for...
Author: japancat
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Published: 2012-07-09 01:06:26
Tags: Yu Yu Hakusho, Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei, Rinku, Zeru, Keiko, Botan, Shizuru

First of the Dark Tournie. For real this time.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
Kuwabara's singing Toy Box's "Russian Lullaby."
1. Rinku is German. He's a child of an immigrant. There's no importance attached to this. But that whole team's pretty much connected to him and Chu. There's nothing indicating this, but that's perfectly fine since Chu and Rinku are the only ones who live.
2. The term "human washed" is pretty much like how people say "white washed." This is me trying to world build.
Chapter 20
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Chapter 20 Score One for…

Kurama glanced at his watch when they pulled into the parking lot. "Looks like this is the place. And fifteen minutes early. Not that it really matters…" They all got out of the car, except Yusuke, who had been leaning against Hiei (who was one step away from smacking him upside the head the whole time) and fell over once he stepped out. "I guess this guy is out when…" Hiei started licking Yusuke's cheek. "Hiei, what in the hell are you doing?"

"…It wakes me up if all else fails…" He paused. "Ugh, but he tastes like a drunk man's piss... It's going to be a long night."

"How do…. Do I even want to know?" Kuwabara asked.

"…You know how you smell something strong and you can taste it even if you don't want to? Once, I was walking back to the-"

"Well, it looks like there's no waking him up, is there?" Kurama broke in, mostly because he didn't want to hear anything more about the interesting connections between smell and taste. And by now, he was also fairly certain Hiei's army stories never ventured anywhere out of the world of masturbation, orgies, or debauchery. "So it looks like if we tried anything else it would be all in vain. Let's just take him to the room and then we'll figure out a plan if he's still out during the fight tomorrow." They both stared at him. "Well, don't you guys check your email? A couple days ago, Yusuke sent this email saying that we have orientation today. Since we weren't here on will we don't have to be there. Or something like that."

There was an awkward silence. Kurama shrugged and they followed him in, with Kuwabara slinging Yusuke's arm over his shoulder to carry him. Kuwabara glanced at the small masked person. "Hey, Hiei." Hiei turned around and gave him a look stating that he really didn't want to be asked questions. Well, he was going to have to deal with it. "So this person here… Isn't Genkai your girlfriend's friend or something?"

"Dammit, she's not my…" Hiei growled.

"Just answer the question."

"Yes, and no, I don't know if the other person is her. And frankly, I don't care at all. It's not keeping me from sleeping at night." He stopped and thought about it, then shrugged and went with it.

They walked into the lobby of the hotel. Seeing as they had to wait on Kurama to check them in, Kuwabara decided to get familiar with the place. As he did a three-sixty, his jaw dropped and he felt horribly out of place. The people in the room where the exact images that came to mind when he heard the word "old money." (Minus the nineteenth century backgrounds) and Hollywood stars put together (also without the drug addictions and other things left to the tabloids). Then an older couple glanced at him. The woman smirked and whispered into the man's ear. The man then raised his empty champagne glass to him. Kuwabara quickly turned around, knowing what just happened. He quickly forgot about it by looking at the scenery alone.

"Goddamn this place is so… so upscale!" Kuwabara nearly swooned. "I mean, I've never even been inside a Hilton hotel either. I've only been in stuff like Motel 6's. The most upscale place I've ever been in was the Luxor at Vegas. Dude, Hiei. You see this? This is what living is, man? You ever see stuff like this in Russia?"

Hiei rolled his eyes. "And you almost pissed yourself when you saw we were just the basis of bait five seconds ago. This place makes me sick."

I'll take that as a no. "You kidding me? This is awesome. I would… I would lick their eyeballs! I know you're from where you're from, but don't act like you don't wanna dream about this kind of stuff. You know you want one of those!" He pointed.

"The elevator or the black man walking in it right now?"

"Dude. Racist."

"And what the hell is that supposed to mean anyway? Just because we're communist doesn't mean…" Well, actually he didn't know what it meant. In fact, he wasn't even sure where he was going with this, but hell if he was gonna let Kuwabara have the last word. "You're just disgusting." That was weak. Oh well, it works.

Kurama glanced at them and exchanged looks with the masked person. "Uh… When you guys are done dealing with that debate, I've got the room keys."

Kuwabara cheered- somewhat. "You know, if Hiei's not too communist to come in the room that is." And so began a new running gag. They all walked to the room and sat at the couch. About ten minutes after they sat there, a woman with a cart walked in and placed five cups of coffee on the table. She paused to look at them, gave Kurama a smile, and walked out.

As he tried to erase that moment from his mind, Kurama said, "I think we should stay up tonight so we can get used to this schedule."

"Is it really that hard?" Hiei asked. They both gave him blank looks. "What, it's not my fault I can't sleep."

"Man, you're just full of strange things right now, aren't you?" Kuwabara asked. "You should take melatonin or have some warm milk. Warm milk knocks me out like nothing."

"I hate medicine. And milk is disgusting. After you're done with it as a child, you should be done for life."

"It's a vitamin supplement. Man, if you feel that way about milk, that's why you're so short." There was a long silence. "Here. Have a lullaby from your country- 'When the seas are rolling in/ When the stars are shining clear/ When the ghosts are howling near/ When we sing the Russian lullaby…'"

"The hell is…? That's not… I just can't sleep, all of you shut up. It doesn't bother me."

"Considering that you're drunk almost everyday, I guess it doesn't," Kurama said. He picked up a coffee, ignoring Hiei's glares. "Well, the truth's a real whoremaster, isn't it?"

"Dude, you're not really going to drink that, are you?" Kuwabara asked. "I don't care what you say, I don't trust these guys."

"You mean, the ones that you wanted to lick their eyeballs?" Hiei asked. Then again, he wasn't taking any chances either. "How would you deal when you become a disgusting millionaire and then have an elevator? You mean to tell me you'd be too afraid to go in your damn elevator, too?" Kuwabara threw a sock at him. Just before it erupted in to a full out throwing battle, Kurama put his cup down with a loud clank which silenced the room.

"Well, they'd rather see us tear each other apart and profit rather than doing it right now. You should know that," Kurama said as though there was no break in the conversation. He looked at the table as he picked his cup back up, then at the other four. No one else had a cup in their hands, yet one was missing. "Did you see what happened to…?"

Kuwabara stared at the table and looked around. He screamed when he turned his head. Everyone turned to see a boy who appeared to be eleven or twelve gulping down the coffee. How did we miss him? …Especially the way he's dressed. "Hey, get outta here, you!"

"What, I just heard some humans were over here, and I wanted to see what the fuss was about. I can walk in here if I'm invited or not. I'm not a vampire. You guys should feel honored though cause I skipped orientation to come see you guys- not that they'd notice I was gone. So which one's Yusuke Urameshi?" the kid asked with a huge grin crossing his face. "Let's see. I know they said he's Asian and that he's kind of young so he can't be you…" He looked at Kurama then at Yusuke who was sprawled on the couch. "There he is. Man, what's the big deal?"

"Get out before we kick your butt out."

The kid was about to argue with him when a tall blonde man appeared in the doorway. He said something in German to the kid who answered in English, "What, you know you would have wanted to see these guys, too, Zeru."

Zeru stared at everyone in the room. Then he stopped. "Is that you, my fuehrer?"

"No, I'm not and you know I'm not," Hiei growled, not even bothering to say it in German.

"Ah, I forgot about you, General Lvov. Somehow you ended up with a rag-tag Americans, I see. Never able to even lick the boots of your father. And all of you… Well, I'll let that cup say for me what I will do to you." Zeru pointed at a coffee cup that had split down the middle. He walked away, basking in their shock, and dragging the kid away by the arm.

"Wait, what was that about? And who's General Lvov?" Kuwabara asked. "Isn't Yukina's last name…? What's is going on here?"

"Zamyatin's just a name for a file. So is her's. We need a name for this world just to get by here," Hiei replied, standing up.

"And when he said fuehrer, did he mean as in… Hit-"

"No. Not him."

"…Looks like we're going to have other things to worry about this time around," Kurama said. He started to wipe away the spilt coffee with a tissue. He sighed as it started to come apart in tiny strings on the table. "Then again, something like this is always something that gets everyone around the world interested." There was an awkward silence. "Anyone up for a game of Mao- they have a deck of cards."

There was no answer. He settled for solitaire.


"Hey, Reeve," Kujyou greeted Mukuro as she entered the building. She waved in response. "Fifteen minutes early as usual, like you run on clockwork or something. By the way, your boys came back all right? We forgot to do a follow up on that."

"Yes, actually. Except for the fact that Hiei slacked off and played Pac Man like he usually does," Mukuro said, noticing Nastume shifted in her seat. (Not that she thought much of it.)

"…You mean he does it all the time? I thought he looked more like one of those guys that works nonstop."

"Do you really think that or is it because the media says Soviets do that kind of thing?"

And it got awkward. "So can you believe that they made us go to this thing during the Dark Tournament, and on top of that it's not even that far away from it? It's like torture. I need some compensation for being such a good guy so long."

"For me, it brings bad memories…" Natsume mumbled.

They let that settle in between them, some sort of nonverbal agreement. Kujyou shifted in his seat and sighed irritably, chewing on his lip. "Man, we are so human washed. Though, I gotta admit, it does remind me of the old man. Back before he went out and became the king. I really wish all of us didn't walk out like we did. Now, no one knows where the hell he is…"

"Yes," Mukuro said. "Or any of them now."

"Shit, that's right… You think everything's gone to hell now? Over there? You know if it has, Reeve. You always seem to do."

"Well, you can connect to Demonworld servers if you know where to go. If you can find the Demon World Google, then you'll be able to get everything you want from the Other Side. Save for things you buy off ebay. Not even Russian brides. Not that that's anything to cry about."

"Do you know this from experience?"

"Both or one of those in particular?" She saw something large and bright fire truck red in the corner of her eye. She turned and saw it was a large man who had two small white horns on his head, who was wandering aimlessly through the aisles. The man noticed her gaze and started to walk towards her. Before he got close to her, she asked, "So you're the one from Nevada, right?" He nodded. "You're right here."

"Oh, thanks so much…" He glanced at the label on the table. "You're from California?"

"Yes. Mukuro Reeve." She held out her hand for him to shake it. After a moment's hesitation, he shook her hand with a slightly lose grip and he introduced himself as Enki Jones. She noticed Kujyou wave towards him and Natsume glanced over him, and even shifted between the people flooding into the building, to see who it was.

The president, Youda (in the files listed as Youda Himura) stepped up to the podium, a small toad-like man with a long white beard and wide eyes. He scanned the room for a moment, nodding smugly to himself. For a moment his eyes rested on Enki, who shifted nervously in his seat. "I call this meeting to order at one o'clock PM. First order of business, I would like to welcome our newest member to the team- Nevada's Enki Jones. This means that we are now at twenty-seven of the states. Also, I would also like to address another person in that row with that being said. Miss Reeve, I would like to remind you that your hair is out of uniform and that the standards for female wearing of hair is out of the face and…" He paused for her to finish.

She sighed inaudibly. "I suppose you may have forgotten, President Himura. The policy states that it must be worn so that it does not touch the collar and so a cap can also be worn… In the case that one's uniform does call for the wearing of a cap- in addition to the clause about it not being in your face. I would also like to remind you of the policy of male hair- which mainly deals with one being clean shaven. I hope you remember that."

"I suppose that being a lieutenant so many times made you forget to have respect for those above you." She had no answer to that. "In any case, we must address our next order of business and that is immigration into this world. I have the numbers from last year and I would like you- Reeve- to calculate the changes from last year."

"Understood… Sir." You know, the feeling's mutual.


"Jesus Christ. He's still asleep? It's gonna be nine o' clock and he's still out…" Kuwabara shook Yusuke and groaned. "Oh, come on, Team Captain, get up and do your duties!"

"What, your ass can't fill in for him while his dumb ass is still out?" Hiei replied. "Lazy bastard."

"Me captain? Hey, that doesn't sound like a bad idea at all. I'm not so sure about my leadership ability, but it'll be a good learning experience all right. Thanks for the nomination, general." Hiei grumbled to himself in his native tongue the rest of the way there.

They paused in front of a warehouse. Kurama, who was leading them, assured them that they were at the right place, though he was unsure as to why they picked such a place for the fights to be held. He shrugged and led them passed the chain link fence on which a sign was written in all caps "NO TRESPASSING." Outside of the building there was a large, green man with a mustache not unlike Hitler's (or maybe closer to Charlie Chaplin). He gave them a quick glance and let them all in. The crowd inside stared at them and reluctantly parted for them to pass. Kuwabara (What the hell kind of tournament is held in a stupid warehouse? Do they think they're sneaky that way or something?) shuttered slightly when he heard them muttering their dirty comments as they passed.

As they approached the center of the room, they saw a woman with short brown hair and what appeared to be something between fox and cat ears. "Hey there, you fans of blood and gore, I'm Koto, and I'm going to be the emcee for you this week. We're back after fifty years. I've just been informed that Team Urameshi has entered the building and are ready for some action. Both teams please come to the marked area."

Kuwabara fidgeted all the way there when he recognized two of the members of the other team as Zeru and Rinku. Zeru walked to the center, nearly goose-stepping his way there with an arrogant snarl on his face. He refused to shake Kuwabara's outstretched hand, to which the teen pulled his hand back, grumbling with clear anxiety.

Koto went on, "Okay, so the marked area that you two are standing in will serve as the ring, and it's ten counts after you leave this area that you're out of the match. Now we need to come to a decision on how to do this. As always the default will be a series of one on one matches and the first team to three wins proceeds to the next match." They both agreed on the default. "So now without further ado, let's begin!"


Keiko stomped her feet when she stopped to ensure that she grabbed Botan's attention. When she twisted around, nearly smacking herself in the face with her ponytail, Keiko asked, "Botan, we've been circling this place for almost an hour by now. Are you really sure you know where we're supposed to be going?" She reached for the folded paper in Botan's hands.

"Of course I do! Lord Koenma's directions never fail!" She tucked the paper safely into her pocket anyway. "According to the directions, this should be on the left side of Holloway Street. So we're somewhere on Holloway Street…"

"You mean that one that we passed three blocks ago?" Shizuru asked. She pulled out a pack of cigarettes and her lighter from her pocket. "Hand me those directions, I think we can just backtrack and get there that way."

"There's absolutely no problem, we just happened to drift off course a bit. Besides that, I must have just thought I read the sign wrong."

"The sign said Wilton Boulevard. How do you get…?"

"Well, it is quite dark out here you know!"

Keiko sighed and tugged the paper from Botan's pocket, ignoring her half-squeal-half-gasp. She stared at it for several moments, and then turned it on its side. After another few moments, she turned it again and handed it to Shizuru. "Let's just go back…"

"We better not've missed anything," Shizuru grumbled as she followed after Keiko.

"Well, I'm sure that the boys would have not had their chance to fight so if you're so concerned about…" They both turned around and glared at her. "…and then we just get going now…"


"And it looks like round one is Rinku versus Kuwabara! And begin!"

Rinku rolled his eyes. "Man, and I was hoping I'd get to take on Urameshi but it looks like he's STILL sleeping. What an idiot. What, does he think he can fight us in our sleep or something?"

"Oh, shut up, you're fighting me, remember!" Kuwabara growled.

"Hey, don't remind me. The more I stare at you, the more I want to puke, and it doesn't have to do with the fact that I hate Rick Astley! (…What the hell is that supposed to have to do with anything? Kuwabara thought.) Well, at least I know I won't have to try all that hard with you. You got the spiritual energy of a snail from what I'm coming up with."

Kuwabara grumbled under his breath and charged to attack but he was smacked in between the eyes and fell backwards. He got his balance again and blinked back a few stars, and maybe a bit of Mars, too. Was that his fist or his knee? He saw Rinku's hand bouncing along in a rhythmic motion. In his hand was a hot pink and canary yellow yo-yo.

Rinku grinned at the look on Kuwbara's face. "So what're you gonna do, human? You didn't really think you'd win this one barehanded, did you?"

Kuwbara grabbed Rinku by the collar of his shirt and slammed a fist in his nose. Immediately Rinku backed off, clutching his nose as blood gushed out. Kuwabara pivoted around him as he summoned his Spirit Sword. "Looks like you don't stand a chance anymore, kid."

"What, you think you can win with that giant glow stick?"

"Glow stick? You're fighting with yo-yos, how stupid are you?"

"Kuwabara, shut the fuck up, or we'll all be dead before this fight ends," Hiei said.

"Yes, if you don't mind… we do want to see some blood," Koto added.

"Shut up! Everybody shut up! You're all against me! Why don't you people ever respect me?" Kuwabara shook his fist at Hiei.

"You don't earn my respect. You want to lick the eyeballs of the rich. You're the most disgusting person I have ever met. And I can think of five, no ten, things that's wrong with that whole scenario."

"Oh yeah, name one!"

"Other than the obvious?"

"Kuwabara, ignore Hiei and look behind you!" Kurama said.

As he turned around, he felt the strings of yo-yos wrap around his ankles and wrists. On reflex, he pulled his arms away and tried to step away, but all that did was tighten its grip on him. He tried to pull his hands together to unlace them but they were trapped held spread-eagled and legs shoulder's width apart. He felt a warmth pass through the strings and they glowed an odd shade of gold before he was lifted in the air at the pace of a balloon cut off its string…

Botan, Keiko and Shizuru walked into the warehouse at that point. Keiko stood at the front of them, mouth wide open in shock. She jumped up to find where Yusuke was through over the heads of the crowd members. She groaned and started to push through the crowd.

"Come on… Yusuke, where are you? Yusuke? I know you're here somewhere! Why don't you come out and save him?" she screamed.

"Keiko! Hold on, you can't just show your way through here. These guys aren't as nice as hu- people usually are." Botan struggled through the crowd, trying to keep up and keep track of Keiko's movements while keeping an eye on Shizuru, who walked as though she was going through the parking lot.

Botan slammed against Keiko, but just as she was about to celebrate, she saw that they were standing in front of a large blue demon with six black eyes.

"Hey, little girlie. You lost or you just asking for someone to give you a good time? Wrong time and place, princess." The demon grinned and sniffed the air. "Human, huh? I can smell it coming right off you."

"I… In your dreams, mister. I know Yusuke's fought bigger and worse demons that you before, now move," Keiko growled. She crossed her arms to hide her shaking arms.

The demon laughed and his long snakelike tongue rolled out towards Keiko's face. Shizuru spat out her cigarette and brought it down on the demon's tongue. As Keiko hurried away towards the team, Botan gave Shizuru an overenthusiastic smile and the two continued after her. They stopped and joined the team who were all staring up at the sky. There was a collective chant growing in the crowd- "Drop him, drop him!"

"H-hey, don't you think this is a little cheap? I mean… wouldn't you rather kill me with your hands?" Kuwabara asked.

"Not talking so big now, are you?" Rinku laughed. "Well, don't you hear the crowd, Kuwabara? I gotta give them what they want." He smirked as the yo-yos started their journey back to his hands.

Kuwabara shut his eyes, not wanting to see what was coming and he waved his hands around wildly trying to find something to give him at least another moment's chance to think. Wait a second, this is just like Byakko's… He summoned his spirit Sword when he was a foot above the ground, clenching his teeth and the force placed on his arms, before he was launched towards the demon.

"Don't get too cocky! You're walking right into my yo-yos!" Rinku threw out the yo-yos just as Kuwabara summoned another sword that… Oh shit! His sword's bending now? Just as the realization hit, the two were both sent out of the ring.

"Amazing! Both fighters are outside the ring! …Naturally, I'll take the ten count!" Koto said. "One… Two… Three… Four… Oh wait!"

Rinku crawled back to the ring and forced himself to standing. "Phew… looks like I'm gonna have to use the last of my energy to… Oh damn, not him again! Stay down!"

Kuwabara stood up and wobbled back and forth. As he did so Rinku noticed that there were some strings on Kuwabara's arms. He used a bit of energy to wrap the pieces of the yo-yos around to immobilize him.

"Try coming back now!" Rinku sighed with wry relief.

"And that's ten. That's a win for team Rokujukai." Koto nodded to a somewhat scantily clad woman wearing a Bluetooth headset and with a program on Microsoft Excel, she marked an X on the side of the projector labeled "U Team" and an O for Team R.

"D-dammit! This isn't fair! When I get out of these stupid strings I'm gonna kick your butt for good! Meet me behind that Applebee's at noon tomorrow!"

"Leave me alone!" Rinku retreated behind his teammates.

"Help… please? I think I'm stuck…"

"Kuwabara…" Botan sighed.

And that's all...?

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Chapter 20
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