Number of Chapters: 2
Book Summary: This book contains comprehensive guides to my personal observations of Mary-Sues along with building characters, how to write certain scenes and questions to ask yourself so you can develop your stories.
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Chapter 1
Author: HatedLove6
Content Rating: T-13
Summary: What are Mary-Sues? What they are not? I'll explain them along with the myths behind "bad" characters and what to do—or rather what not to do—if you see someone writing a character you suspect is a Mary-Sue.
Tags: mary-sue, lary-stu, gary-stu, martha-sue, wesley-sue, myths, bad characters, introduction, suethors, writing, guide
Published: 2015-10-10 15:54:56
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Chapter 2
Author: HatedLove6
Content Rating: T-13
Summary: Whether your characters are a so-called "Mary-Sue," a good first impression will go a long way. A bland title and summary, poor use in language and all sorts of other factors will just give Mary-Sue Killers another excuse to attack you, so why give them that ammo? However, even some common complaints, like description of a character in the first paragraph is way too nit-picky.
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Published: 2016-11-07 08:51:16
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